Choose your own adventure: How to get the most out of what you learned at Karlsruher Entwicklertag

Agile Day
ab 16:45 Uhr
bis Uhr


The conference is over. Now what?

You’ve explored many new ideas, absorbed a lot of data, and heard numerous opinions.

The critical question now is: What will you do differently when you get back to work?

Join Steve Porter to prepare for the difficult choices you will have to make to maximize the value from your learnings over the past two days.


Steve Porter

Steve Porter is an agile mentor/coach/trainer with a broad background in multiple management styles and practices. Over the past several years, he has focused his efforts on Agile in general and Kanban and Scrum in particular. Steve is currently employed by and collaborates with Professional Scrum Trainers around the globe to fulfil its mission to help people and teams solve complex problems. He plays an active role in creating training material and assessments and supports the trainer community. He was recently a contributor to Daniel Vacanti and John Coleman’s Kanban Guide and co-authored the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams and the Nexus Guide, a framework for scaling Scrum.