A Glance into Micromanagement

Agile Day
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When people suffer under Micromanagement they often don’t know how to help themselves and improve their situation. I was in that very situation and was putting up a fight which nearly destroyed me. I then decided to educate myself on that topic and implemented some of my learnings, which improved the situation immensely. Turned out I was approaching the situation from a completely wrong angle. These days I’m a passionate “lead your leaders” addict and encourage colleagues, friends, and anyone who dares to listen to take action. Put aside for a moment that Micromanagement can be considered a tool in the manager’s toolkit. Have you thought about the “other side” and why that manager is doing all that micromanagement? I want to show you how to spot five different types of micromanagement and distinguish them. Understanding why these types exist and what their individual fears and challenges are is the key to the next step, handling the micromanagement behavior and improving your situation.



Chrishan Perera

GoTo, Deutschland

Chrishan Perera hat seinen Bachelor und Master Informatik am Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie erlangt. Seit April 2017 ist er als Staff Software Development Engineer bei GoTo tätig. Chrishan liest gerne zwischen den Codezeilen und ist der Ansicht, dass die Qualität der Software bereits außerhalb der IDE entschieden wird. Er hat keine Angst davor, sensible Themen anzusprechen und unangenehme Wahrheiten auszusprechen, um eine Verbesserung herbeizuführen. Chrishan brennt für echte Agilität, überzeugt KollegInnen gerne von modernen Arbeitsweisen und baut daneben eigene Test-Frameworks.