Building secure software with OWASP tools and guides

Agile Day - 21. Juni
Schwarzwald (1. OG)

All know the OWASP TopTen, some one or more other projects. The problem is, where the wiki is good to archive the project information, it is hard to find information if you don't know what you are looking for.
Therefore, only a few have a broader understanding of projects (being tools or guides) you can use in your software development lifecycle, even before, to create more secure software.
This talk is highlighting various OWASP projects taking you from CISO policies, security requirements to building and secure software and verifying the security level.

Martin Knobloch


Martin Knobloch is security consultant at His main working area is (software) security in general, from awareness to implementation. In his daily work, he is responsible for education in application security matters, advise and implementation of application security measures.

With his background in Java Development, he understands the complexity of Enterprise software development, Agile Scrum environments and continuous delivery / deployment.