BDD and C++ BDD Frameworks

Conference Day - 20. Juni
GDG/ C++
Rheinauen (1. OG)

The talk provides an overview of "Behavior-driven Development" (BDD) and the different approaches how to test C++ source code with BDD frameworks (focus: C++11 or newer). A number of C++ BDD frameworks are presented that are usable for this task, their advantages and disadvantages. In addition, other suitable BDD frameworks are described, that can be used for external/embedded testing with a slightly different approach than above.

1) Testing and BDD
2) Using BDD Frameworks for Testing C++
3) Summary and Comparison with other languages (oder (Dis)advantages of C++) for BDD

Jens Engel

Rohde & Schwarz Vertriebs-GmbH

Jens Engel is software architect and software engineer at Rohde & Schwarz. He works mostly with embedded systems and distributed component-based systems in C++. Jens is the maintainer of "behave", a Python-based Cucumber implementation. In addition, he is part of the core team of Cucumber. His interests are OOA/OOD, component-based systems, model-based code generation and testing, especially ATDD like approaches, like w/ Cucumber/Gherkin. Otherwise, he tries to introduce new concepts and ideas to teams.

Jens Engel ist Software-Architekt und Software-Ingenieur bei Rohde & Schwarz. Er arbeitet vor allem an Embedded Systems und verteilten, komponentent-basierten Systemen in C++. Jens ist der Maintainer von "behave", einer Python-basierten Cucumber Immplementierung. Darüber hinaus, gehört er zum Kernteam für Cucumber. Seine Interessen sind OOA/OOD, Komponenten-basierte Systeme, modell-basierte Code Generierung und Testen, vor allem an ATDD Ansätzen wie mit Cucumber/Gherkin. Ansonsten versucht er neue Konzepte und Ideen in Teams mit einzubringen.