Eclipse vs. The Mobile World

Agile Day - 22. Mai
Javascript / Mobile
Raum Fidelitas

Let’s face it: Creating complex applications with plain widgets is really hard. As a result UI frameworks like the Eclipse Workbench were created. But we are not in the 2000s anymore and the Eclipse Workbench paradigm does not fit well into the world of web and mobile applications because it was made for desktops. Those platforms come with their own UI components and navigation concepts. In the meantime these concepts are ubiquitous but simply non existent on the desktop. So, how can we survive in this world as Java developers?

In this session we will show you how to serve multiple mobile platforms natively while writing the code only once using Java and SWT. We’ll use well-known Eclipse technologies like Eclipse RAP. To show you the power of Eclipse in the mobile world you will see applications ranging from a small hello world up to the full fledged business application based on alternative RAP clients.

Holger Staudacher

Holger Staudacher works as a software developer and consultant at EclipseSource in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is the project lead of the RT Packaging project and one of the core team of committers on the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) project. Holger is interested in anything to do with agile, clean code and distributed systems.

Jordi Böhme López

Jordi is a Senior Technology Consultant at EclipseSource in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is a committer on the Eclipse RAP project and also lead developer of the Tabris iOS client. He is interested in anything to do with Java, modularity and mobile technologies.