Building a Reactive REST API with Spring Boot 2

Conference Day - 21. Februar
Microservices und Cloud
Konferenzraum 1.801

Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2 come with a recommendation to move to a reactive stye of programming. It’s supposed to be the future and you want to get started, but a quick look at sample code shows a bunch of complicated objects like “Mono” and “Flux”, with mind-boggling method signatures.

In this part-live-coding session we’ll build a simple reactive REST API with Spring Boot 2.

Along the way, I’ll try to explain the thinking behind the reactive concepts we’re using. It’s a conceptual shift and you won’t become a reactive master in 20 minutes, but you’ll be one step more familiar with the ideas, hopefully enough to give it a shot for yourself.

I’ll publish the code we write and you can take it as a basis for your own project.

John Fletcher

Codecentric, Deutschland

John Fletcher ist ein Software Architect bei der Firma codecentric. Er interessiert sich besonders für Themen wie: Coaching und Training von Entwicklern, wartbaren Code und Automatisiertes Testing. Er arbeitet gerade im Finanzen-Bereich.