Value Stream Based Daily Scrum

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Value stream-based Daily Scrum

The main purpose of the Daily Scrum is to "synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours". However, teams that use a task board and do their Daily Scrums in front of it, often face numerous problems:

1) Justification reporting: The Daily Scrum mutates to a reporting meeting, where everybody “has” to report. Instead of organizing the work, team members justify their work done since the last Daily Scrum.

2) Task Board disconnection: There is no clear connection between the tasks on the Task Board and the tasks accomplished by the team members. Some important tasks are left out, others dominate the whole Daily Scrum.

3) Fragmentation of topics: Activities are reported in an incoherent way, sometimes repeated, often not well understood, and thus mentally ignored. What is often missing is whole picture on an User Story.

4) Disregarded planning: The question "What will I do until the next Daily Scrum?" is either neglected or answered in a very general way. The team leaves the Daily Scrum without a joint plan and understanding on how to actively drive the tasks on the board.

We, as a Scrum feature team at SAP, observed some of these problems in our team and developed "our" way of doing the Daily Scrum. For us, it has definitely removed waste and helps us focus more on the tasks ahead of us. It is more about the value we deliver to our customers. We would like to share our experience within the community.

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