Java Next - From Amber to Loom, from Panama to Valhalla

Conference Day
ab 15:45 Uhr
bis Uhr


Java’s four big projects are entering the home stretch: Amber, Panama, and Loom have already incubated, previewed, and even finalized some features and Valhalla is on track to follow soon. Time to take a closer look at how…

  • Project Amber makes the language more expressive and ready for today’s and tomorrow’s problems
  • Project Panama cuts through the isthmus separating Java from native code
  • Project Loom enables hassle-free and efficient structured concurrency
  • Project Valhalla mends the rift in Java’s type system and improves performance

After this talk, you will know what to expect from Java in the next few years.

(For this talk to make sense to you, you should have a basic understanding of Java. To get the most out of it, you should’ve worked with it regularly for a few years.)


Nicolai Parlog

Oracle, Deutschland

Nicolai (aka nipafx) ist ein Java-Enthusiast mit Fokus auf Sprachfeatures und APIs, der leidenschaftlich gerne lernt und lehrt. Das macht er in Blog Posts, Newslettern und Büchern; in Tweets, Videos und Streams; in Demo Repositories und auf Konferenzen - mehr dazu auf Er ist Java Developer Advocate bei Oracle und Organisator von Accento. Davon abgesehen kennt man ihn für seine Frisur.