Java Application Performance on Kubernetes

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ab 11:45 Uhr
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Many organisations are migrating their existing Java applications or developing new ones with Kubernetes as the target platform. However, sooner or later they find out there is a lot of fine tuning on production.

Many teams are confronted with some issues that keep their Java applications from running smoothly on Kubernetes like high memory consumption, high latency and slow startup times. In this session I would like to talk about some of these issues and how to tackle them based on real project experience.

Furthermore I would like to talk about the advantages of choosing Java Frameworks that are better suited for the cloud. I will show you a small demo to highlight the difference among three very popular Java frameworks: Spring Boot, Quarkus and Micronaut.

After this session, you will have a better understanding on how to fine-tune your Java applications for Kubernetes as well as a better overview of the great framework options out there for running Java cloud native applications based on real production projects.

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Carlos Barragan

Novatec Consulting GmbH, Deutschland

Carlos Barragan is Chief Technologist at Novatec Consulting. He is a pragmatic developer by heart and has gained a lot of experience as architect as well. For more over 15 years, Carlos has helped many customers in several industries like automotive, insurance and logistics. Carlos has expertise in a wide range of topics from Java / Kotlin programming, Spring Boot, Micronaut, Quarkus up to microservice architecture, cloud native development, API design among others. Carlos has been active as a speaker at various conferences such as Spring IO, OOP, JCon, IT-Tage and many more.