From Idea to IDE - How Java Features Are Considered, Designed, And Shipped

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OpenJDK is one of the world’s most influential open source communities. It drives the reference implementation of Java SE and the Java Virtual Machine, a programming language and runtime environment used daily by millions of software developers. More than that, the community drives its innovation - 15 years and counting of new language features, core library additions, performance improvements, runtime enhancements, and new tooling.

But how does it all work? How does a community of Java enthusiasts, often financed by some of the biggest tech companies yet working with self-determination, turn ideas into designs into code into features you can use in your IDE? Well, let me explain (in this talk).

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Nicolai Parlog

Oracle, Deutschland

Nicolai (aka nipafx) ist ein Java-Enthusiast mit Fokus auf Sprachfeatures und APIs, der leidenschaftlich gerne lernt und lehrt. Das macht er in Blog Posts, Newslettern und Büchern; in Tweets, Videos und Streams; in Demo Repositories und auf Konferenzen - mehr dazu auf Er ist Java Developer Advocate bei Oracle und Organisator von Accento. Davon abgesehen kennt man ihn für seine Frisur.