Dream Team: Cloud Native Applications with Quarkus and Kotlin

Conference Day
ab 14:30 Uhr
bis Uhr


The complexity and vast amount of technologies and possibilities can seem overwhelming when it comes to bringing highly scalable and flexible application from the whiteboard to the cloud based production system.

In this talk Andreas will demonstrate how the combination of Quarkus with Kotlin can accelerate and heavily simplify the process in real world scenarios. This pairing leverages the power of the JVM and the Java enterprise ecosystem and adds modern cloud-first concepts to the toolbox and software development process that delight every software developer.

After the talk the attendees will have a sound understanding of the main capabilities and advantages of using Quarkus and serverside Kotlin as well as a good starting point to directly get started with that tech stack.


Andreas Eberle

arconsis IT-Solutions GmbH, Deutschland

Andreas Eberle works at arconsis IT-Solutions GmbH since 2015 as a Software Engineer. After gaining experience in iOS and Android development, he focused on full stack development of algorithms and machine learning techniques for innovative apps. Currently he is working on large scale enterprise integration and Backend For Frontend projects for one of the top 10 e-commerce solutions handling huge user bases.