A deep dive into the Git internals

Conference Day - 15. Juni
DNUG KA / Softwerkskammer

In this session I give an interactive explanation of the Git Object Database. We will explore the different kind of Git objects, how they are stored and the plumbing commands to interact with them. All this will be done live and visualized by gitviz (https://www.npmjs.com/package/gitviz), for easier understanding.
After this session you will be able to tell why xkcd 1597 about "Git" (https://xkcd.com/1597/) is so completely wrong.

Christoph Häfner


Christoph Häfner hat seinen Bachelor in Angewandter Informatik an der Dualen Hochschule in Kooperation mit der Firma SAP absolviert. Anschließend hat er seinen Master in Informatik am KIT begonnen. Seine Interessen sind Java/Android, JavaScript, Web-Entwicklung und moderne Softwareentwicklung.