How to Choose the Right Technology, Framework or Tool to Build Microservices

Agile Day - 21. Mai

Microservices are the next step after SOA: Services implement a limited set of functions. Services are developed, deployed and scaled independently. This way you get shorter time to results and increased flexibility.

Microservices have to be independent regarding build, deployment, data management and business domains. A solid Microservices design requires single responsibility, loose coupling and a decentralized architecture. A Microservice can to be closed or open to partners and public via APIs.

This session discusses technologies such as REST, OSGi or Puppet, which can be used to build and deploy Microservices. The main part shows different open service frameworks and proprietary tools to build Microservices on top of these technologies. Live demos illustrate the differences. The audience will learn how to choose the right alternative for building Microservices.

Kai Wähner


Kai Wähner works as Technical Lead at TIBCO. All opinions are his own and do not necessarily
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