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Agile software development often goes hand-in-hand with alternating use of new and old APIs and flexible team composition. Both require software engineers to constantly learn new technologies and efficiently switch contexts from one project to another. Codetrails’ tools can make this process faster and more effective by sharing team knowledge inside a smarter IDE. In this talk we’ll present three tools, each bringing unique advantages to your IDE: - Eclipse Code Recommenders 2.0 is an open source project that enhances your IDE by bringing intelligent code recommendations for Java open-source libraries. By providing information on what others have done before in a given situation, your choice of calls, overrides and other completions is guided by the choices of those who built the original APIs. - [ctrl]flow Miner allows you to data-mine Code Recommenders intelligent recommendations for your inhouse and proprietary APIs, to benefit both your teams and customers. - Codetrails Connect lets your team share knowledge and expertise in real time by collecting and feeding back information to the IDE about the teams’ current activities. Codetrails Connect also provides developers with regular analysis on useage of new APIs, giving clear indications of which APIs are the ‘hotspots’. Attend this talk to find out more about how you can easily share coding knowledge with your colleagues!